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LivingTime Personal Timelining Software v2

LivingTime Personal Timelining Software v2

LivingTime Personal Timelining Software Publisher's Description

This software program combines the modes of writing in a journal or diary, with the more concise item-tracking of a logbook, with the familiar monthly and daily calendar, with the graphical representation of a timeline. Enter your life facts and events—and gain new perspectives on what you’ve experienced and who you are.

An enduring fact of life is that time is the medium we use to measure our existence—the very fabric into which we weave the events of our own lives. In basic terms, a timeline is simply a listing of events in chronological order. An "event" is any perceived occurrence or condition—an activity, accomplishment, decision, observation, realization, outcome—or even just a thought or feeling. Events can also be, on the surface, simple facts—like where you lived during a particular period of time, or what car you drove. But these facts describe an earlier you. You can also import timelines of public events and see what else was going on in the world at that time.

Human nature is such that we try to bring order to our world, to make sense of it. Time as we now understand it was created in the Industrial Age. Before there were clocks, we humans regulated ourselves by the seasons and by the sun and the moon. Time was not an abstract concept—it was the natural unfolding of all life’s events, the flow of life itself. In the twenty-first century we have gotten very good at tracking hours and days, but less so with years and lifetimes.

LivingTime provides a way to regain these perspectives, changing the scope of our awareness so that we perceive the fullness and connectedness of our life experience.

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